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Michigan Huge Listing Of Holiday Assistance Programs For Low Income

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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to ms.guyton
Hi sorry but all resources that help with Christmas has stop for this year out of your kids there would be on they would help. But for clothes call Catholic churches to see which one got clothes for your kids you can get some real nice clothes thought them. Also go and sign up for welfare to help you and your kids. Hope this can help you for now.

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ms.guyton   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hi ,my is erica i been in a shelter for 3 weeks now i have 4 kids ages 10,13,14,17,i have no income right bout now i lost my home with my husband lift us ...i really need some help with with xmas toys ,clothes this r first year ever have to go thur something like that ...please help us god bless your hearts.thank you
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brittjordan   in reply to epper
I am in the same boat, I need help with xmas this yr for my family too, if you get help will you msg me to let me know who and how ... we could really use the help, thank you and ill keep you in my prayers.. god bless
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my name is Kevin Epper. I lost my job last year because my son Hunter was in the NICU. And i have two other boys ages 6 and 12. I have no way of providing a christmas for them this year. If anyone knows how i can get help or if you can help ...
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littlelacie   in reply to Robert322
You are very welcome.
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Robert322   in reply to littlelacie
That's unfortunate, Thanks anyways
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littlelacie   in reply to Robert322
Hi, we no longer know of any resources that are helping with Christmas
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I have a 8 month old son and a 9 year old step daughter and my job which is only part time barely covers my rent, not to mention I'm behind on bills. I have no way of providing any type of gifts for my amazing kids and it breaks my heart not sure what to do, I've never had to ask for help or reach out for it.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to B.Jones34
Hi u got sign your young s ones up for Christmas help i am.going to.put the.list up soon as i post this to u. 11_12 year olds
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Hello everyone. I'm a single parent of 4. (2) boys 17 & 14 (2) girls 12 & 11. My 12 year old daughter and I happen to be cancer survivor's and the last couple of years have been horrible for my family. Although, I've raised my children on the true meeting of Christmas, and don't allow them open gifts on Jesus birthday, I still wish that one day they could be bless with gifts they (need & want) but go without more often throughout the year. I continue to have faith, and express to my children that our year will soon come. My oldest graduates in May 2015 and is more focus on his family struggles than school. Keep us in your prayers. Not a family looking for pity, but a break through.
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not much help in Washtenaw county. I am disabled and have low income and unable to get a thanksgiving basket cuz all list are closed.
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tldenman28   in reply to pattyp
try your local salvation army that where they have Christmas help or your local community services.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to pattyp
U welcome
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woman in a shoe   in reply to motherofaboy&girl
Most all.the places is in every state. Here a few of.them. salvation Army. Toys for tots. With out my.list i don't know the rest of them
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pattyp   in reply to woman in a shoe
Ok thank u
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woman in a shoe   in reply to pattyp
Hi the person posted to.not been on in years. But.please. come.back on Thursday morning. I up the list for Christmas help it will be a public post will b put up at 9 am
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motherofaboy&girl   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thanks a lot it was posted on my fb page so I wanted to see what help I could seek.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to motherofaboy&girl
Hi the person u.posted to.not.been in years. But for Christmas putting the list around 9 am i.also see u in.mithe places i putting up all the.places are in mi for Christmas help
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I am a mother of 2 i have tried fpr the pass 2years to get help for the holiday and know one will help my girls went two years without a Christmas and im praying that this year dont be a third, i have some wonderful girls who are 8,9years old and i just want them to be happy on Christmas please can any one help me
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I am a mother of 1 and execpting a little girl in February. I just got laid off and unable to get things for my children during this holiday due to having to pay room and board and live. I am asking for a little help from anyone in Wayne County.
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